There is no restriction for membership of the Site. No obligation for being a graduate of "Economics" as well. Thus, as a social science,
it is possible to take "Economics" into account in terms of its various aspects.

Our members who have contributions for the Site either through his/her academic studies or in technical ways
(The names are given under members' permission.):

M. Behzat Ekinci I.U., Economics, Graduate Programme.
Selda Yuksekbas B.U., Economics, Undergraduate Programme.
Faik Celik I.U., Economics, Graduate Programme.
Mustafa E. Yilmaz E.U., Business, Undergraduate Programme.
Kenan Yavuz E.U., Economics, Undergraduate Programme.
Deniz Özyakışır A.U., Economics, Graduate Programme.
Ersin Kaplan D.E.U., Finance, Undergraduate Programme.
Mehmet Azat Y.T.U., Computer Programming, Undergraduate Programme.