A Matter (cont'd)

Transportation and Natural Technological Unemployment…

Technological unemployment, according to general economic understanding, is defined as 'unemployment that a technological progression causes'. However, while this kind of unemployment has occured due to technology up to now, we observe a reverse change in this process nowadays. In this context, unemployment itself causes technological progression. For instance, we evidence this change in the transportation sector.

We hear such unemployment news from different countries especially in the transporation sector. In this context, it is reported that although there is a huge driver need especially in road transport in the Europe, it can not be met. A leading furniture company in the world also stated that they meet problems in delivering their products to the customers because of inadequate number of drivers. Same explanations are coming from different regions and companies in the world as well.

As this is the case, 'autonomous wehicle manufacturing' has become one of the agenda issue of automotive sector. That is, manufacturing 'automatically moving, stopping, and parking wehicle' is being taken into consideration with utmost care especially in the road transportation nowadays. Thus; driverles trucks, picks up etc. can easily be used in product transportation and driver need shall disappear.

There should, of course, be convenient infrastructure and superstructure for such wehicles. For this purpose, suitable roads and traffic systems should be constructed. This is, however, another side of the coin.

While up to now a technological progress has left people unemployed, from now on the labour inadequacy results a technological development. In fact, isn't this what it should be? Normally the technological progress required in the production is expected to happen, therefore, life of people becomes easier, isn't it?

It is possiple to add a new concept into the Economics Theory. For this purpose, can we name this situation as 'natural technological unemployment' since it occurs automatically.