A Matter (cont'd)

CoVid 19 and Sustainability in the World…

As known, the Muslims by fasting in the month Ramadan following 11 months are on one hand praying but on the other hand checking up their bodies essentially. Thus, they start a new year with a relaxed and renewed body. Such practices exist almost in all faiths.

One can say that CoVid 19 also provides such an opportunity for the world. It is unknown that the pandemic duration extends more, however, the world will have the chance of breathing for the expected deep period of the pandemic for 5-8 months as of 2020.

As a matter of fact, there will be some negative effects of Coronavirus Pandemic, however, the following decreases/reduces/declines are also expected: tensions of the wars and related deaths; use of nuclear-chemical weapons and their destructions; movement of all kinds of wehicles and carbon emmission; perforation of ozone layer; glacier melting; use of chemicals in the soil; production/manufacturing and activities of environment polluting industries etc.

So, it seems that the world is also "fasting". It is unfortunate that everything will be forgotten and same devastation will be continued not more but maybe only after 3 weeks following the Pandemic, however, at least the world will be left alone for a while. Therefore, it will find the chance of resting and regeneration inshaAllah.

On the other hand, there will probably be main two negative outcomes of this process:
a) There is unnecessary and exaggerated use of water for the sake of hygiene which may result a potential water scarcity. This may cause new economic and health problems. Thus, the water sources should be used efficiently.

b) There is risk of "obesity" problem due to inactivity as people should stay at home for a while. Therefore, everybody should be cautious when eating and drinking. One can minimise such negative effects by arranging a walking course at home. In this context, the risk of obesity can be diminished if "half an hour walk a day" as advised by WHO could be performed.

It should be stated frankly: As humans, we are so harmful to the world, to ourselves and changing the balance of nature a lot that it is inevitable from now on we meet again such viruses and/or global problems more frequently. Today we have CoVid 19 but it seems that tomorrow we may meet CoVid 20 and so on.

What we should do is to live our lives in quality by taking required actions around us...