A Book (cont'd)

Regional Development Focused University Model; The Case of Mardin Artuklu (MAU) [Bölgesel Kalkınma Odaklı Üniversite Modeli; Mardin Artuklu (MAÜ) Örneği]

In a report by the World Bank (The Challenge of Establishing World Class Universities by Jamil Salmi, Training Director, the World Bank, Washington D.C. 2009), it is expressed that it would be better for universities to pool their resources (knowledge, experience etc.) for the development of their regions rather than each endeavouring to become a world class training institution by requiring high budgets.

In fact, it is simply not possible for all universities in every country to attain world class status, and for universities in developing countries especially so, since the budget requirement is very high. Therefore, as stated in the Report, it would be more profitable for such universities to allocate their resources for the benefit of regional development.

This book mentions these matters and provides the practices by Mardin Artuklu University, Turkey. In this context, it aims to determine the effects/contributions of a university as an education institution and to form 'A Regional Development Focused University Model' by giving such concrete activities.

The book includes the following main topics:
i. Introduction: The Role of Education and University as an Education Institution in the Regional Development Process; Conceptual and Theoretical Frame
ii. Methodology
iii. Practices
1) Training Programmes-Presentations,
2) Information Support,
3) Field Studies-Research,
4) Statistics-Economic Outlooks,
5) Projects,
6) Socio-cultural and Other Activities.

In this context, detailed information on many activities is given.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Behzat Ekinci, Mardin Artuklu University Publications, Mardin-Turkey.