A Book (cont'd)

You can be the Happiest Person in the World (Dünyanın En Mutlu İnsanı Olabilirsin)

Humans have various concerns and sorrows in the current century and do not know how to tackle them. Because they don't have a gun to resist such problems. A person is sorry because while in one hand s/he does not know the way of happiness, on the other hand misunderstands the meaning of happiness.

According to a person the happiness is;
* richness. Thus, s/he becomes sorry when can not obtain it.
* social position and bussiness position. Therefore, s/he is unhappy if can not get them.
* to always win. However, lives in unhappiness when fails.

These are all can be a piece of happiness but not the real happiness itself.

This book examines the leading real sources of happiness.

Medaru'l Vatan Publication Science Department, Polen Publications, İstanbul.