A Book (cont'd)

Foreign Trade Correspondence for Firms and Banks (Firmalar ve Bankalar İçin Dış Ticaret Yazışmaları)

The book consists of four chapters:
1) The first includes general information on foreign trade; the Letter of Credit (L/C) is especially studied here.

2) In the second chapter examples of various styles of correspondence as used by firms and banks are available. Here, the use of some frequent concepts in English sentences are given with their translations into Turkish.

3) The third and main chapter is for correspondence. Here, direct and/or indirect correspondence from the beginning to the end of a foreign trade procedure is given in the English and Turkish versions. Some general correspondence is available here as well.

4) The fourth and last chapter is a mini English-Turkish-English dictionary. Frequently used terms in foreign trade procedures by firms, banks, and customs businesses are given in this chapter. Although the general meanings of the concepts are given, essentially their usage in foreign trade terminology are taken into account here.

5) In the additional chapter there is a sight L/C process. This process has been enriched by adding necessary documentation.

Dr. Faik Çelik, Dr. Mehmet Behzat Ekinci, Türkmen Publication, İstanbul.